Shocking Footage of Syria Bombings

Below is a video that is so shocking and scary of Syria bombings. A man video taping the bombs blowing up a town in Syria. The video shows a couple bombs blowing and the horror of families struggling to climb through the rubble.

View the video here:

Thanks to YouTube user pleasedontstalkme for translating the video to english. Here’s the translation provided:

0:38 – Camera man (CM from now on): Is anyone here? x5
0:47 – Blue shirt kid: Here. We’re over here.
0:51 – Old lady: Where are we supposed to go, for fuck’s sake? (she said for allah’s sake, but that’s what it means in this context)
0:57 – Blue shirt kid: where are we supposed to go?
1:07 – CM: The mosque was the target. It’s totally destroyed.

1:22 – Man in vest: Targeted civilians. There are no terrorists or anything, just civilian homes. [second missile lands]

2:10 – CM: Get an ambulance guys, get an ambulance. [To native Arab speakers, does ambulance mean the same thing as “administer aid”? Is he asking them to help, or asking them to call an ambulance? I’m not a native speaker]

2:35 – Guy in black as he went to the house: Did anyone get hurt?
2:37 – Old lady: [unintelligible] I’m no military expert, but I’m pretty sure the answer is yes, someone got hurt.

2:57 – Guy in black jacket: [he was stammering a lot, but the sentence he eventually said ‘let him lie on the ground’ and his hand gesture indicated that he should do it indoors]

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