Ronda Rousey Defeated by Holly Holms

Ronda Rousey has built up a reputation for her self and has been undefeated until now. On Saturday night Holly Holms stepped into the octagon with Ronda Rousey and laid her flat, Ronda Rousey Defeated by Holly Holms and gave her quite the beating in the process.


Ronda, who is used to only being in a match for under 50 seconds and landing total victory, was put in her place during this match as she was no contender for Holly Holms. The match lasted just into the second round, watching Ronda take brutal punch after punch.

You can see the highlights of the bout in the video below.

Ronda has announced that she “will be back” for another chance to reclaim her long claimed title.

Ronda may deserve this beat down, only due to her inflated ego and lack of training for this fight. Let us know what you’re opinion is and if you’d like to see more Ronda or if Holly Holms is the new champion and should remain there.

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